Australian Catholic University (ACU) and partners collaborate with local communities, local organisations and the government of Timor-Leste to build the young nations capacity in education, health and well-being through programs such as:

  • Baucau College - Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores (ICFP) | Read More >>
    Developing quality educational and institutional capacities.
  • Barefoot Nurses |
    Developing health services and institutional capacities that improve the health of individuals and families, particularly children.
  • Future in Youth |
    Embracing the Timorese love of Football (soccer) in an after-school sport program that builds community and improves health, wellbeing and life-skills of young people.
  • Catholic Alliance for International Development (CAID) | Read More >>
    The Alliance is focused on maximising collaborative international development work across Australian Catholic Church agencies who work in the Pacific regionand Timor Leste in the education and healt sectors.

Beyond our Australian borders ACU students and staff come into contact with instances of inequity that many Australians can barely imagine until they experience them. Such experiences lead them to continue to deepen their concern for ethics, the dignity of the human person, equity, and social justice.