Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders - Howzat! in Bangladesh

Beyond Borders - Climate Change In Action

Beyond Borders - Nurturing Excellence

Beyond Borders is one of three core themes of the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE) Beyond Today agenda.

Beyond Borders focuses ACU's community engagement on:

  • reaching out beyond our national borders to those communities who are most in need,
  • partners and relationships that contribute to international development and capacity building by participating in action for change, and
  • education, health and wellbeing.

Catholic Alliance for International Development (CAID)

International Development by Religious Congregation in the Pacific regions.

Timor Leste

International development and capacity building in Baucau, Timor Leste.

Refugee Program on the Thai Burma border

Tertiary education to Burmese refugee students from the camps.

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