Community Engagement Agenda and Themes

ACU in Mission: Engaged for the Common Good

Beyond Today

Community engagement agenda aims to create hope and belief in a better tomorrow for individuals and communities through the following three themes:

  • Beyond Disadvantage: promoting social inclusion and wellbeing by reaching out to those most in need in our society.
  • Beyond Borders: contributing to development and capacity building by participating in action for change beyond our national boundaries.
  • Beyond Differences: promoting social cohesion and participation by promoting community engagement enriched by inter-faith and inter-cultural understandings.

Identifying major themes or programs in the University's community engagement is integral to addressing the concentration and coordination of community engagement.

One such theme is university education for disadvantaged. National programs such as Clemente Australia provide university education in Australia for people who are homeless, disadvantaged or marginalised. International programs such as university education for teachers in Timor-Leste focus the university's engagement and research.

The themes encompass the University's teaching and research capabilities and address community, government and Church priorities.

Stories about ACU’s Community Engagement

Flagship Community Engagement Programs

Education support and capacity building

Health and wellbeing and capacity building