2017 Rome Global Forum

14-16 June 2017

LUMSA University and Australian Catholic University, Rome Centre, Rome

Higher Education for Diversity, Social Inclusion, and Community: A Democratic Imperative

Democracy is faced with serious challenges, including mistrust of democratic institutions, increasing political, educational, and economic inequalities, alienation, rising intolerance, and rejection of cultural diversity. Higher education must play an essential role in building a culture of democracy based on furthering inclusion, recognizing the value of diversity, and fostering democratic communities.

This is the fifth global forum that has developed as a core component of the ongoing partnership between the Council of Europe and the International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law, as well as social cohesion and intercultural dialogue through higher education.

The 2017 Global Forum is sponsored by the

  • Council of Europe;
  • International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy; and
  • European Wergeland Centre.

The host universities are:

  • LUMSA University; and
  • Australian Catholic University, Rome Centre.
  • An increased commitment to higher education’s contribution to developing and advancing a culture of democracy.
  • A better understanding of how higher education can work democratically with communities to promote inclusion and diversity.
  • A volume in the Council of Europe Higher Education Series

Higher education leaders and representatives of public authorities and NGOs from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

14 June

ACU, Rome Centre

Pre-conference session focused on refugee issues, including engaging with refugees supported by the San Egidio community.

15-16 June

LUMSA University

The Conference will include plenary sessions, group work, and a round table debate as well as a social program.