Senior Leaders' Program (SLP)

27 November to 2 December, 2016 - Catholic Leadership Centre, Melbourne

The Senior Leaders’ Program (SLP) is designed to elevate the strategic capabilities of executives at the general management level. This transformational program will develop professional, political and personal awareness, and build the cohesion of the senior leadership team. It will enable you to overcome the systemic and complex challeges that are experienced in Australia, today and tomorrow.

It opened my eyes to my blind spot in managing my and other people’s energy
- Daniel Goodman, Chief Financial Officer, SummitCare

Download the SLP brochure (PDF, 432KB)

The program builds on the core business disciplines of strategy and management and takes participants along a journey towards transformative change; it will create an understanding of how your assumptions and beliefs inform your decisions and your world views.

Drawing on cognitive learning and how we make sense of our experiences, you will engage with ideas from a diverse range of disciplines and with peers in a way that will enable you to think across boundaries and borders as you act to meet the challenges in the contemporary operating environment.

The program creatively and purposefully connects and then builds your leadership capabilities in systemic thinking, ethical/values based leadership, commercial thinking and mindfulness, while helping you to pursue excellence in the professional, political and personal contexts of leadership.

  • Increase your effect as a leader through a greater understanding of your decisions and long term impacts.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the interrelationships between the organisation, its people and systems.
  • Employ strategic thinking techniques, as separate from strategic planning.
  • Understand the complex role that organisational culture plays in determining ultimate performance.
  • Build resilience and a strong identity in teams that fosters greater collaboration and interpersonal trust.

The program is designed for leaders like you:

  • Senior leaders with direct reporting responsibility to the CEO.
  • Senior divisional managers responsible for complex business and technical areas.
  • Senior general managers who have complex cross-functional responsibilities.

There are multiple benefits to realise when multiple leaders from the one organization attend:

  • participants are able to leverage shared knowledge
  • embedding new learning into the organisation becomes easier
  • leaders are able to counteract the natural resistance by others to new ideas.

To gain maximum organisational value we recommend a minimum of three team members per organisation attend.

Errol Benvie, Program Director

Errol Benvie Errol has developed this program over five years and proven its effectiveness in transforming leaders' insights and understanding of themselves and the complexity of modern organisations. He brings to his leadership of the program a 25 year general management career which included several CEO roles across a range of industries. He has an MBA and a Masters in Organisational Coaching from Sydney University and is a doctoral candidate at Middlesex University.

As Program Director, Errol leads and facilitates the integration of the participants' experiences into the formal curriculum and, together with the team, supports the transformative outcomes. As a developmental coach his style is provocative yet deeply respectful of the courage and challenges involved in changing participants' mindsets.

Lex Dwyer

Lex Dwyer Lex brings over 30 years of experience in building collaboration, well-being and reflection in organisations and teams. He immerses participants in an experience that provides education around important business themes and at the same time illustrates how to better take care of themselves and build a capacity of high performance. A key theme of his work is managing energy and building resilience in a turbulent and challenging business world and harnessing cross functional opportunities to minimise the siloed approach that limits businesses. His unique approaches using humour, wisdom, learning and reflection are integrated throughout the program in this novel journey that also acts as the engine coolant to the dialogue and mental exercise of the program.

Katie Vasey

Katie Vasey Katie brings a qualitative methodology termed 'ethnography', applied for over a century, to investigate the complexity of humans in all their social environments. She has been conducting ethnographic studies with humanitarian migrants since 2002. Her teaching experience and research background includes: human rights, mental health, humanitarianism, ethnographic and qualitative research methods and public health.

Using ethnographic methods, Katie's work explores how and why forms of well-intentioned intervention (be they humanitarian, philanthropic, medical, or entrepreneurial) so often cause backlash or unexpected repercussions. Katie currently consults to the University of Melbourne, Monash University and to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She delivers the module on Ethnographic Methods on the joint Executive MBA offered by Madrid University's IE Business School and Brown University in Rhode Island.

Julie Morgan

Julie Morgan Julie brings over 20 years of senior leadership and executive experience to her role as Senior Consultant and Lecturer in Organisational Development for ACU Executive Education. She has worked in a variety of not-for-profit settings including international human rights, overseas aid and development, healthcare and education. Nationally and internationally, Julie's work in adult education has focused on ethical and values-based leadership development, the promotion of social inclusion, and conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Julie is consistently ranked as one of ACU Executive Education's most inspirational facilitators. With qualifications in Counselling, NFP Management, and International Human Rights Law and with degrees in Education, Theology, and Ethics, Julie's doctoral studies at UNE focus on Complexity Responsive Leadership.

David Cameron

David Cameron David graduated from NIDA to become an award-winning stage and screen actor. He is an acclaimed theatre and television director, best known for series including Stingers, Sea Change and City Homicide. David has voiced hundreds of commercials and animations, and has also created documentaries for Telstra, Origin and NAB.
He teaches and mentors actors and directors at The Victorian College of the Arts and also for a number of Australia's top corporate institutions where he employs his knowledge of performance to assist leaders to have greater impact and presence in their communication.

Peter Lawry

Peter Lawry Peter is renowned for engaging people deeply, and has transformed leaders and organisations in more than 20 countries around the world. His practical approach is widely recognised for its ability to achieve extraordinary business outcomes while increasing both employee commitment and customer satisfaction. His work in complex adaptive systems brings a unique perspective to social systems of organisations offering practical tools and processes for making meaning in organisations. Prior to his work with corporations, Peter was a clinical supervisor training professionals in the helping professions.

Dates and times

The course will commence at 4pm on Sunday 27 November and will finish at 4pm on Friday 2 December.


The Catholic Leadership Centre is a new world class conference and learning facility for professional learning programs and executive courses. Conveniently located in the heart of East Melbourne with easy access to public transport.

The Catholic Leadership Centre
576 Victoria Parade
East Melbourne VIC 3002


We recommended delegates book flights which arrive no later than 2pm on Sunday 27 November 2016. Flights and transfers are the responsibility of the delegate and are not included in program fee.

Per person fee

  • For bookings from 1 October: $10,490

Multiple bookings per organsiation

  • Two people: $8,490 each
  • Three or more people: $6,990 each

Prices are quoted in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Fee inclusions:

  • Five nights of accommodation
  • All meals
  • All program materials and resources

Please note flights and transfers are the responsibility of the delegate and are not included in program fee.

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