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‘Why Risk Intelligence = Agility and Resilience’ Executive Breakfasts

12 October 2016 | Canberra

19 October 2016 | Sydney

20 October 2016 | Melbourne

3 November 2016 | Brisbane

The ability to make the right decisions in a world of increasing complexity and dynamic pressures requires the evolved skill of Risk Intelligence. In this breakfast briefing globally renowned risk expert Dr Gav Schneider will discuss why organisational change cannot be achieved without the addition of Risk Intelligence cultures.

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Leading in a disruptive legal environment

22 – 24 November 2016

A dynamic and innovative program to provide a leadership perspective on lawyering within a disruptive environment.

Over three days senior lawyers from around the world will meet in Rome to address two key leadership perspectives: negotiating in a disruptive environment, and understanding the Christian ethical challenge.

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Senior Leaders' Program

5.5-day intensive residential program in Melbourne

The Senior Leaders’ Program is designed to elevate the strategic capabilities of executives at the general management level. This transformational program will develop professional, political and personal awareness, and build the cohesion of the senior leadership team. It will enable you to overcome the systemic and complex challenges that are experienced in Australia, today and tomorrow.

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Health Executives’ Symposium 2016

15 - 16 November 2016

One of the largest single issues impacting Australia's health system is stress - stressed individuals, teams, systems and processes - caused by unprecedented disruption and demands for innovation.

Be part of the group that creates change and brings the benefits of positive psychology and wellbeing to Australia's health sector.

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