Jim-baa-yer IHEU

Jim-baa-yer (To Learn - To Teach)

What we do

Jim-baa-yer Indigenous Higher Education Unit is located at Australian Catholic University's (ACU) Melbourne campus (St Patrick's) and Ballarat campus (Aquinas). The Unit provides a place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to meet, study and work on assignments.

Jim-baa-yer IHEU assists with and provides access to:

  • academic and administrative support
  • social, cultural and personal support
  • access to computer, study and relaxation facilities
  • a great place to meet other Indigenous students
  • ITAS tutorial assistance, and
  • information about scholarships

This assistance can begin before you enrol at ACU.

How to find us

The Jim-baa-yer Indigenous Higher Education Unit is located on the first floor of the main building at the Melbourne campus.

Contact us

Jim-baa-yer IHEU

Phone: 03 9953 3004
Email: jimbaayer@acu.edu.au

Jim-baa-yer staff