Tutorial Assistance

Indigenous Student Success Programme is a government initiative to enhance the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at ACU.

Tutorial Assistance is part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Success initiative which matches suitable tutors with students. Tertiary tuition is tailored to meet the particular needs of the individual student or group of students, with a focus on course success.

The tutoring is free of charge for currently enrolled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian Catholic University Students .

Students at all study levels are encouraged to apply.

To apply for Tutorial Assistance complete the Tutorial Assistance Request form.

Please contact the nearest Indigenous Higher Education Unit (IHEU) for further information on how Tutorial Assistance can support you on your journey.

Interested in becoming a paid Study Assistant?

Study Assistant will need to:

  • have the ability to form supportive, professional mentoring relationships with their students;
  • be able to motivate and inspire their students in gaining academic skills and achieving success;
  • show an ability to be culturally sensitive and supportive of students’ learning needs.

A Study Assistant knowledge and ability to tutor will be demonstrated by qualifications in higher education or through industry or professional experience.

Current university students can apply to become a Study Assistant provided they

  • are two academic years in advance of the student being tutored,
  • are not being tutored in the same area of study,
  • are able to demonstrate good academic performance (GPA 5+)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.

Study Assistants are paid an hourly rate and may be assigned one or more students depending on availability, the area of study and the demand of students accessing the program.

To apply to become a Study Assistant please complete the Study Assistant Registration form

For all enquiries please contact your nearest Indigenous Higher Education Unit (IHEU).