Professional Development & Pastoral Training Programs

The ACU Centre for Liturgy provides parishes and deaneries throughout Australia with specialised training and formation workshops focused on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Training Parish Ministers
    • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
    • The Ministry of Lector
    • The Ministry of Cantor
  • Forming Liturgical Musicians
    • Accompanying the Assembly’s Worship
    • How to Choose ‘Good’ Liturgical Music
    • How to Engage the Assembly in Song
  • How we do what we do matters! Exploring the Ars Celebrandi in Parish Liturgies
  • No longer two, but one: Preparing to Celebrate your Catholic Marriage
  • Born anew by Water and Spirit: Preparing for your Child’s Baptism
  • A Fitting Conclusion: Preparing your Catholic Funeral
  • It’s about time! Understanding the Liturgical Year

Through direct consultation with a local parish community, the ACU Centre for Liturgy can undertake a comprehensive liturgical audit of your parish’s worship practices in order to provide specific advice on how to improve the quality of your liturgical celebrations.

The Centre provides schools and Catholic Education Offices with targeted professional development sessions and workshops tailored to address the needs of primary and secondary school teachers, Religious Education leaders, and worshiping communities. These include:

  • Liturgy and Liturgical Principles
  • The Sacramentality of Religious Leadership
  • Celebrating Masses with Young Children: Top Ten Hints
  • Celebrating Non-Sacramental Liturgies in School Communities
  • Exploring the Directory for Masses with Children and the Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children
  • How to Celebrate Well in Catholic Schools
  • Engaging Youth in Liturgical Celebrations
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Sacraments of Healing

Pastoral training and formation sessions (listed above) can also be tailored to meet specific school community needs.

The ACU Centre for Liturgy provides specialised professional development sessions for clergy, such as:

  • Introducing new translations of ritual books: Orders of Confirmation and Matrimony
  • Updating and Upskilling: The Art of Presiding at Worship
  • The Art and Craft of Preaching

Academics from the Centre are available to deliver keynote addresses, public lectures and conference workshops.