ACU Centre for Liturgy

About the Centre

The ACU Centre for Liturgy was established in 2015 as a national university-based initiative designed to serve both the academic and pastoral liturgical needs of the Church in Australia. The Centre provides specialist expertise, teaching, research and formation in liturgical studies, sacramental theology, and the sacred arts.

Endorsed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the ACU Centre for Liturgy offers formative education at every level from training programs for parish ministers through to doctoral degrees for higher degree research students.

Working within ACU’s Directorate of Identity and Mission, academics from the Centre tailor programs to meet the training and formation needs of individual parishes and schools, Catholic Education Offices and Dioceses in urban and rural locations throughout Australia and the region, providing workshops, seminars, short-courses and online educational opportunities in liturgy, sacramental theology, and the sacred arts.

As part of ACU’s Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, ACU Centre for Liturgy academic staff provide high-quality tertiary-level education in liturgy, sacramental theology and the sacred arts at the undergraduate level, in specialist postgraduate courses and through supervising higher-degree research students. Centre academics engage in peer-reviewed research projects and produce publications focused on both the academic and practical aspects of liturgical studies. They also interact with an international network of liturgical scholars and practitioners in order to advance the liturgical apostolate in Australia and beyond.

Our location

The Centre is located in Sydney, Australia. In addition to face-to-face learning at ACU’s state of the art campuses, our educational programs in liturgy, sacraments and the sacred arts can also be accessed from anywhere via broadband. We facilitate this using ACU’s advanced web-based teaching and learning platform which enables access to written materials and real-time interactive-online classes. Centre academics can provide professional development seminars and pastoral training workshops throughout Australia and nearby regional centres.

Contact us

Professor Clare Johnson
Director, ACU Centre for Liturgy
(02) 9701 4449