Brisbane Campus amenity map

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Map of Brisbane Campus amenities


  1. Building A
  2. Building B
  3. Building C
  4. Building D - Chapel
  5. Building E
  6. Building F
  7. Building G
  8. Builing I
  9. Building K
  10. Building L - Library
  11. Building M & ACU Health Clinic
  12. Building MA
  13. Building MB
  14. Building MC
  15. Building MD
  16. Building N
  17. Building O
  18. Building P
  19. Bio-Mechanics Lab
  20. Sports Court
  21. Swimming Pool
  22. Building W
  23. Building Y
  24. Building Z
  25. Hub 1
  26. Hub 2
  27. Hub 11
  28. Hub 12
  29. Building T - John Paul II

Student Services

Building Level Description
Building A Level B Facilities Management
Campus Concierge / Security / Help Point
Campus Ministry
Level C AC.50 IT Assistance & Support
Building F Level A McAuley Student Association (McASA)
Level B FB.16 - FB.27 International Development Office
Building G Level A GA 22 Indigenous Higher Education Unit
Building L Level A Library and Information Commons
Building T Level A AskACU Student Centre
Office of Student Success
  • Equity & Disability Unit
  • Student Counselling
  • Academic Skills Unit


Building Level Description
Building A Level C AC.47 HDR Room
Building C Level B Cafeteria
Building D Level B Chapel
Building E Level A Bookshop
First Aid Station
Building F Level A FA.24 and FA.35
Student Common Area
Shower / Changing Rooms
Level C FC.28 Psychology HDR Room
FC.33 Psychology HDR Room / Sessional Staff
Building L Level B LB.01 PC & Printing Facility